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Nazarbayev proposed to create scientific-information fund of Islamic world

11.09.2017 Astana. September 11. KazTAG - President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to create the scientific-information fund of the Islamic world.
"Within the frameworks of OIC scientific-technological summit we might create a special council of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on interaction and development. It would be right to create a common scientific-information fund," said N. Nazarbayev at the OIC summit on science and technologies on Sunday.
"Today taking in account dynamically developing religion, in the XXI century Islam will become the most widespread religion. Our task is education of intellectual elite which would serve for the Islamic civilization and contribute into the new vision," he said.
He said only half a percent of GDP is allocated for scientific developments in the Islamic states, which is quite a low index.
"As for the Noble laureates we see there are only two laureates from the Islamic world. It is Pakistani physicist Muhammad Abdus Salam, who got the Noble prize in 1979, and the Egyptian chemist Ahmed Hassan Zeiveil- who got the award in 1999. There was time when the Islamic civilization was the most developed center of the world. Islam contributed into development of humankind and civilization," he said.