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Sum of deposits of working citizens of Kazakhstan in medical fund won't be higher than 20 000 per annum, employers- 29 000 tenge

19.05.2017 Almaty. May 19. KazTAG - The average sum of deposits of employed citizens of Kazakhstan into the fund of social medical insurance won't be higher than 20 000 tenge per annum, employers- 29 000 tenge, said Zamira Orazaliyeva, chairfigure of the fund of obligatory medical insurance.
"Employees will start depositing into the fund in 2019, their average deposit will make 19 165 tenge per annum," she said at the press-conference entitled as "Introduction of compulsory social medical insurance in Kazakhstan - strategic priority of social well-being of the state".
She said the fund will be a sole payer for the medical services since January 1 2018.
"The assets of the fund will be deposited on the account of the National Bank and the fund will not be allowed to be involved in the commercial activity, as the funds will be directed only for acquisition of medical services," she said.