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US coalition delivers air strake on Syrian forces

19.05.2017 Almaty. May 19. KazTAG - The US coalition has delivered an air strike on the column of Syrian rebels supporting Bashar Assad, reports the Russian service BBC.
"The statement of the international coalition said the attacked column has been successfully moving towards the air base of al-Tanf in the south of Syria nearby the border with Jordan. US special forces train the fighters who fight with ISIS," said the message.
The US fighters said the column ignored the warning fire. Pentagon representative said the movement of the column created threat for the US and allies.
"In this district the coalition forces have been acting for many months training and consulting the armed opposition. In the official statement of the opposition, it says the pro-Governmental forces who were hit  had not stopped after the warning fire, refused to change the course and violated security zones agreed in early May at the negotiations in Astana, said the message.