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Government of Kazakhstan does not hold food prices - Minister

13.09.2017 Astana. September 13. KazTAG - The Government of Kazakhstan does not hold food prices, said Timur Suleimenov, Minister of National Economy.
"Prior to EXPO they said food prices would grow up. Now EXPO has completed and people say again the prices would grow. Allegedly the Government controls them. How is it possible to keep food prices in all the shops. It is a market, we are not into it. There is no reason for concern. Bread and grain prices are under control," he said on the sidelines of the Government.
As it was reported, Kanat Bozumbayev, Minister of Energy, has not found any preconditions for growth of petrol prices.
"As for now there are no preconditions for considerable growth of petrol and diesel prices. There are several factors, we are analyzing them now. In the near future the press-service of the Ministry of Energy will prepare information about the situation on the fuel market," he said.