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Chemical weapons workshop found in Eastern Ghouta — Syrian military brass

12.03.2018 Almaty. March 12. KazTAG - Syria’s government troops have found a make-shift workshop for making chemical weapons, the Syrian army’s Colonel Ferraz Ibrahim told the media on Monday. The workshop was found as troops combed the town of Aftris following the militants’ pullout, reports TASS.
"Apparently the charges were made as part of preparations for a provocation with the aim to eventually accuse government troops of using chemical weapons," he said.
Earlier, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said militants in Eastern Ghouta had been plotting an imitation of a chemical attack in order to blame it on government forces.
Also, he said that terrorists from the group Tahrir al-Sham had a plan for "sacrificing" several women.