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Activity of fugitive banker Ablyazov in Kaznet to be restricted

13.03.2018 Astana. March 13. KazTAG - The activity of fugitive banker Mukhtar Ablyazov in Kaznet will be restricted, said Dauren Abayev, minister of information and communications.
"Has this organization (the party of Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan-KazTAG) been recognized extremist? That is where the court's ruling comes from, it is compulsory for performance on the territory of Kazakhstan. We will take all the measures in compliance with this ruling. Now we will look (restriction of Ablyazov's activity in Kaznet-KazTAG), we will take all the measures," he said on the sidelines of the Government.
He said he has not seen the court's ruling yet.
"I haven't seen the court's ruling yet, but if it has been recognized extremist, people talk about it, they will carry responsibility for their actions. As I understand the ruling prescribes criminal prosecution, it means they will carry criminal responsibility for the spread. I need to study the ruling. As I understand, it will come into forces in about ten days," he said.