About us

The international news agency KazTAG was formally registered in the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan and launched on September 8, 2008.

At present, the KazTAG serves as the leading news source at the information market of Kazakhstan. Our teams priorities are the relevance, reliability and accuracy of the information we provide our subscribers with.

The online daily news wire covers the hottest news and events in the social, political, economic, cultural and sport life of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russian, Kazakh and English. The audience of the agencys news and analytical materials are the national and foreign media, public authorities and businesses, public and international organizations, diplomatic missions, as well as enterprises operating in the real sector of the economy and other partners. The agency also publishes analytical materials: interviews, views, comments and replicas.

The headquarter of the agency is located in Almaty. The agency also has its news office in Astana and reporters in each region of Kazakhstan.

The foreign partners of the KazTAG international news agency are the Kyrgyz Telegraph Agency (KyrTAG), the Uzbek Telegraph Agency (UzTAG), the Tajik Telegraph Agency (TajikTA), the Afghan Telegraph Agency (AfTAG), the Iranian Telegraph Agency (IrTAG) and the Silkroad News news agency.

The founder of the KazTAG international news agency is the National Press Club.

Askar Matayev, Acting General Director.