Dear journalists of Kazakhstan!

Date: 15:02, 26-06-2020.

I sincerely congratulate you on June 28 – your professional holiday!

Mass media, an integral part of the civil society, has become not only a link between the Government and the population but also as a messenger of all the highest achievements of people. In the era of advanced technologies, the Internet, the press provide the population with essential information.
You are well aware that the media is an essential element of influence in modern society. Journalists who contribute to the expansion and development of friendship and stability have always been honored.
Striving for goals, following the principles of humanism, without showing indifference to the current situation – this is one of the features of our profession.

"People with the strong press are strong people." These are the words of Myrzakyp Dulatov – one of the leaders of the Alash-Orda, which clearly demonstrate how responsible and prestigious the work of a journalist is. The work of the writing community, which works 12 months a year without breaks, should always be appreciated.
You have been working days and nights in order to bring people reliable information about the current events.

The role of mass media has been growing steadily in the country. Even with the advent of social media, traditional media still has influence in the society.

In our country, journalism has always been at the forefront in the performance of large-scale reforms. The press and electronic publications are firmly entrenched in the mood of millions of people. Domestic media never get tired of spreading information professionally, efficiently and promptly.

The journalists of Kazakhstan work in strict compliance with the principles of observing the national interests of our people in the international community.

I sincerely congratulate my colleagues on the professional holiday! May our pen always remain sharp, and our creative thought reach the heights beyond the control of birds! I wish us all common victories for the sake of our Independence!


Seitkazy Matayev,

chairman of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan

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