Only pharmacies and food stores will work in Almaty

Date: 14:45, 26-03-2020.

Almaty. March 26. KazTAG - Only pharmacies and food stores will work in Almaty, the timetable of bus and metro services will be cut down.
"We have resolved to restrict the activity of some business objects in the field of services and trade. Big non-food markets, trade centers, entertainment centers, beauty salons, spa-centers had been shut down, while the work of restaurants and catering services has been restricted to takeaway services until 22.00. From March 26 new regimes will be imposed- all the objects of trade and services must be closed except for food stores and pharmacies," said Saparbek Tuyakbayev, deputy akim of Almaty.
He said cafes and restaurants will keep on providing takeaway services.
"We suspend the activities of all non-food retail facilities:  small shops, large shops that are located outside shopping centers, outside trading houses. There were disputes over small trading houses and centers - their operation has also been suspended. Additionally, the ban concerns car dealerships, salons selling auto parts, flower pavilions. In the service sector, additionally: dry cleaners, laundries, photo salons, optical salons, pawnshops, real estate agencies, car washes and service stations. Only food shops and pharmacy chains will operate in the field of trade," he said.
In addition, the working hours of city routes and the metro were reduced in Almaty on March 26 , their service will be available from 06.00 until 19.00.

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