Outflow of capital is main negative consequence of popularity of exist tourism in Kazakhstan

Date: 11:15, 23-12-2019.

Astana. December 23. KazTAG – Outflow of capital is the main negative consequence of popularity of exit tourism in Kazakhstan.
"Exit tourism is higher than entry tourism by 1.5 times annually, and the main negative consequence of such tendencies is outflow of capital and negative tourism share in the payment balance. Tourism balance amounted to about minus $109.3 mln in 2017, minus $10 mln in 2017," indicates the development strategy of the National company Kazakh Tourism in 2019-2028.
From another hand, said the authors of the strategy, "a big share of exit tourism of Kazakhstani people to foreign states indicates growth of their well-being, establishment of business contacts with foreign states and expansion of geography of business, education abroad and so on".
"Numerous polls have shown that the people of Kazakhstan would be glad to spend their holidays in Kazakhstan if there were appropriate conditions," said the authors.

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