When distributing state order in mass media, the opinion of the journalistic community should be taken into account – Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan

Date: 16:19, 29-03-2021.

Almaty. March 29. KazTAG - The journalistic community should be involved in the decision-making process regarding the distribution of funds in the conduct of information policy at the local level, declared the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan.
"In connection with the emergence of difficulties in the distribution of budgetary funds intended for the implementation of an active information policy in the regions, the Board of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan invites akims of all levels, maslikhats, to hold preliminary discussion of editorial budgets together with representatives of regional branches of our creative organization,"  reads the letter of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan addressed to akims of the regions of Kazakhstan, secretaries of regional maslikhats signed by Seitkazy Matayev,  chairman of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan.
“In the addition to the existing criteria, we offer to take into account the status, specifics, circulation, frequency, duration of work in the media market, the qualitative composition of the staff and the target audience,” reads the statement.
According to the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, the above criteria could form the basis for the formation of technical specifications for bidders and, accordingly, the budgets provided for the execution of state information orders approved at sessions of maslikhats.
“Based on professional experience and competence, the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan is ready to provide any consulting support as an expert organization, to provide professional journalists as representatives, to give recommendations for the most qualitative choice of an information order executor,” reads the letter.

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