10 Russian poachers detained in the Caspian Sea

Date: 10:10, 10-04-2014.

Astana. April 10. KazTAG - Naval frontier guards of the regional department "Coastal guard" detained 10 poachers working in the Kazakhstani part of the Caspian Sea, reports the border service of NSC.

"6 miles to the south from the technical control point “Zaburunye" in Atyrau region the customs crew discovered their boat," reads the message.

The infringers did not obey the command to stop and tried to escape. Weapons were applied in the operation. The boat was detained 10 miles away from Dzhambaiskiy island carrying 5 citizens of Russia (Dagestan).

Another boat carrying 5 citizens of Russia was detained later.

Nobody suffered in the operation.

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