127 citizens of Kazakhstan returned from states of Latin America and Caribbean basin within past 12 days

Date: 16:04, 26-03-2020.

Astana. March 26. KazTAG- 127 citizens of Kazakhstan have returned from the states of Latin America and the Caribbean basin within the past 12 days, reports the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan.
"Due to coronavirus outbreak the embassy of Kazakhstan to Mexico assisted return of our citizens from the states of Latin America and the Caribbean basin. From March 13 until March 25, 127 our citizens returned from the Dominican Republic, four from Mexico, three from Panama and three from Costa-Rica," said the report.
People could not return to the motherland due to termination of air communication by these states and the ban to leave the transit zones of the international airports.
The people transited Moscow and reached Kazakhstan.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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