144 died of the Ebola virus in Western Africa in 3 days - WHO

Date: 08:50, 09-12-2014.

Almaty. December 9. KazTAG - The number of Ebola victims has surpassed 6330 people according to the World Health Organization,
"The number of deceased people caused by the Ebola in three states of Western Africa- Guinea, Liberia and Sierra-Leona has increased by 144 people in three days to 6331. The number of people contaminated with the virus has increased by 283 people and reached 17 800 people in three days according to the data published on December 8 by the World Health Organization," writes the TASS news agency.
The hardest situation is still in Liberia - 7 719 contaminated and 3177 deceased. Then follows Sierra-Leone - 7798 and 1742 and Guinea- 2283 and 1412.
The specialists are concerned about the rates of the virus spread in Sierra Leone.

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