1600 males in Tajikistan complain about violence from females' side

Date: 13:41, 27-01-2015.

Almaty. January 27. KazTAG - 1600 men in Tajikistan applied to the consulting centers complaining about violence from the side of females, reports the Tajikistan Telegraph Agency (TajikTA).
"Last year 1600 men applied to the information-consultation centers of the committee on females affairs and family under the Government of Tajikistan complaining about family problems, including concerning violence from women's side," said Makhfirat Hidirova, head of the committee.
The created information-consultative centers have received applications from 8500 people in Tajikistan, other 122 people filed written complaints. In fact 56 of the claimants were males.
"Mainly males complain about violence from the side of their wives, they also ask to help find employment for their wives and daughters, they often call asking to help solving family problems," she said.

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