170 mln tenge allocated for anti-mosquito arrangements from April till September in Nur-Sultan

Astana. July 10. KazTAG - 170 mln tenge have been allocated for anti-mosquito arrangements from April till September in Nur-Sultan, reports the official Internet source of akimat.
"Disinsection works are being carried out inside quarters, in public gardens, parks, along the embankment, there are also about 141 low-capacity reservoirs in the city, which are also subjected to treatment. 60% of them are located in the "Baikonur" area. 170 million tenge was allocated for these works for the period from April to September of this year, ” Sadvakas Baygabulov, head of the department for quality control and safety of goods and services in Nur-Sultan.
Experts reported about a large number of mosquitoes in the capital due to ongoing rains.
"13 days were rainy in June resulting in high humidity and dampness. This is the best environment for mosquitoes. Treatment is not carried out on the rainy days as the drugs are washed away without any effectiveness. There were heavy rains on July 2-4 resulting in mosquitoes invasion," he added.
He said the capital has sufficient stocks of drugs for the current and next seasons in the volume of 8-9 tons.
“They use drugs against three types of mosquitoes, midges and ticks. Mosquitoes that live in the capital, do not transmit particularly dangerous infections. We have three reservoirs where anopheles mosquitoes live. They are always under control, they do not pose any threat, as there is no source of infection. By Thursday and Friday, the number of mosquitoes will have decreased," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source