28 measles cases recorded in Almaty since beginning of 2020

Date: 11:27, 10-01-2020.

Almaty. January 10. KazTAG - From the beginning of the year 28 measles cases have been recorded in Almaty, said Aizat Moldagasimova, head of department for control of quality and safety of goods and services of Almaty.
"First rise in measles morbidity was recorded last year from April until June, second rise started in late November. The maximum outbreak was recorded in May-June. Further we introduced additional vaccination in April among children aged 9-10 months. Last year 804 people caught measles, this year 28 cases have been recorded," she said.
In her words, the majority of patients are aged 9-10 months and 20-29 years.
"Last year the majority of cases were recorded among children aged 9-10 months- 53% and adults aged 20-29. We introduced additional immunization for these two contingents. 28 cases were recorded in January, 28% of them among children aged from 0 to eight months, and 28% among children aged one year," she said.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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