28 workers got poisoned at "KezBi" company in Zhanaozen; two died

Aktau. November 29. KazTAG - 28 employees got poisoned at the oil service company "KezBi" in Zhanaozen, two of them died, said Anuar Chuzhegulov, deputy akim of the region.

"Mass poisoning happened in "KezBi" company in Zhanaozen. 28 people have been taken to hospital, two of them died. The poisoning source is being investigated. Doctors from Astana, Almaty and Aktobe left for the region," he said.

The first victim applied for medical aid on November 24, he died on November 25. Other 9 employees of the company applied for medical aid on November 27, one of them died on the same day.

"On November 28 other 18 employees of the company were taken to hospital. According to the preliminary conclusion- the death cause is poisoning by unknown substance. All the 26 employees of the company are being controlled by the toxicological department of the regional hospital. Their condition is satisfactory," he said.