300 illegal migrants died in Mediterranean Sea

Date: 09:40, 12-02-2015.

Almaty. February 12. KazTAG - At least 300 migrants have died in the wreck of two vessels in the Mediterranean Sea on the way to Europe, reports the Russian service BBC.
"9 people have been rescued spending four days in the sea. Others have drawn in the waves," Carlotta Sami, representative of UN agency on refugees’ affairs in Italy wrote in Twitter.
The international migration organization reported that 2 small vessels departed from the coast of Libya on Saturday. Nine survivors speak French, rescuers believe, they are natives of Western Africa.
It is believed the shipwreck happened on Monday. No other information about the deceased is available.
Another similar tragic case took life of 29 nearby Italy on Monday. Rescuers found 7 bodies nearby the Italian island Lampedusa and yanked 22 out of water, however, all of them died of hypothermia.
According to the UN agency on refugees’ affairs almost 3500 people died in the Mediterranean Sea trying to get to Europe since October 2013 until November 2014.

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