4 people suffered in blast at voting station in Afghanistan

Date: 09:22, 07-04-2014.

Almaty. April 7. KazTAG - 4 people have been injured in the blast nbearby a voting station in Logar province south-east of Afghanistan, reports the Afghanistan Telegraph Agency (AfTAG).

"The blast hit nearby a voting station located in the school building. 4 people have been injured, one of them is in critical condition," said Abdul Khamid, head of administration of Mokhammad Aga county of Logar province.

The preparation to the election was conducted in a complicated atmosphere. The militants of Taliban movement declared about their intention to frustrate the election. In the latest months they organized diversion and terror acts throughout the country almost every day, including the capital. Hundreds of people, soldiers, police officers and journalists have become the victims.

More than 170 people died in terror acts in March, more than 200 were injured.

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