$6 mln stolen from state budget of Uzbekistan in Q1

Date: 07:16, 24-04-2014.

Tashkent. April 24. KazTAG - 12.6 mln soms (about $6 mln) were embezzled from the state budget of Uzbekistan in the first quarter of the year, reports the Ministry of Finance.

According to the Finance Ministry, the check of 3174 budget enterprises which revealed the violations was conducted by the control-inspection department of the Ministry.

"In the result of the checks embezzlements were revealed in 2828 enterprises, arrears and illegal expenses- 12.6 bln soms," reads the message.

7.2 bln soms were repaid or 57.3$ of the total sum.

"More than 800 files to 10.6 bln soms of financial violations were transferred to the law enforcement bodies to take measures," reads the message.

$1 = 2276.15 som.

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