60 mln tons of oil planned to be exported from Kazakhstan in 2015

Date: 12:27, 25-02-2015.

Astana. February 25. KazTAG - Kazakhstan plans to export 60 mln tons of oil in 2015, said Uzakbay Karabalin, First Vice Minister of Energy.
"Oil production is expected at the level of 80.5 mln tons in 2015, oil processing is forecasted at 14.3 mln tons, oil export is expected to make up 60 mln tons," said Karabalin.
In his words, negative consequences of considerable reduction of oil prices are being observed this year. Many fields in Kazakhstan are on the late development stage, drop of prices negatively affect the economic effectiveness of oil production.
"All oil companies have done big work to optimize expenses, and first of all- in terms of capital expenses in order to keep work capacity of the fields and prevent redundancy. Some projects, which do not affect oil production, have been suspended," he said.
"Low oil prices we have been observing lately, considerably affect the fields development in the world. Kazakhstan is not an exception in the world trends of oil production and we have seen constant increase of cost price of oil production in the recent years," he said.

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