70% of Kazakhstani people to pass short form of property and revenues declaration - Finance Ministry

Date: 09:15, 16-05-2014.

Almaty. May 16. KazTAG - About 70% people in Kazakhstan will pass short form of declaration on profits and property, said Ardak Tengebayev, Vice Minister of Finance.

"Presumably, according to our calculations, about 8 mln of people, or about 70% of people who will pass a declaration, it is a short 1 shit declaration," he said.

In his words it is planned to introduce 2 types of declarations on revenues and property- full and short form.

"The short for is for individuals who have no profits or getting only salary, pension or scholarship. The declaration is in the form of questionary pointing availability or absence of profits without indicating their size," he said.

"The full form of declaration of property and profits will indicate not only the revenues liable to taxation but also all the profits an individual factually gets," he said.

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