80% of beggars are foreigners in Kazakhstan

Date: 13:24, 12-01-2015.

Astana. January 12. KazTAG - According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs 80% of beggars in Kazakhstan were foreigners in 2014, said Igor Lepekha, chairman of administrative police committee of MIA.
"Today we have a high level of economy development and our level of live is higher than in some states. Thus, we have a big inflow of beggars from the neighboring states. Looking at the number of detained beggars last year- 80% were foreigners. We detain them, talk and set them free. Our talk for them... you understand," he said.
The new code has been amended with an article 449 which stipulates responsibility for intrusive solicitation in the public places connected with begging, fortune telling and provision of sexual services.
According to the article 449 the violators will be fined 5 MCI for the first time, 10 MCI- for the second time or 5 days administrative arrest. 5 days arrest with administrative deportation outside Kazakhstan is prescribed in respect of foreigners and people without citizenship.
1 MCI= 1982 tenge.

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