980 bn tenge to be allocated for salaries increase of low-paid budget workers

Astana. February 27. KazTAG- 980 bn tenge will be allocated in the nearest three years for increase of salaries of low-paid budget workers in Kazakhstan, said Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.
"It is important to enhance measures for well-being improvement of Kazakhstani families. Due to devaluations, prices fluctuated for our goods, profits and salaries have dropped. Since this year, the base salary for teachers has been raised. This program will directly concern one million civil servants, working in health care, education, social protection, culture, sports, agriculture and others. Since July 1 I order to increase the salary of low-paid budget workers by 30%. Increase the salary by 25% for low ranked executive bodies which directly work with people on the district, regional levels and villages. Here is a serious disproportion between centers and regions. They need support. For these tasks 980 bn tenge have been additionally allocated in 2019-2021," he said at the XVIII session of Nur Otan party.

Photo source: picture from an open source