Abayev about punishment for articles about grandson of Elbasy: probably the question did not concern New York Times

Date: 16:06, 17-02-2020.

Almaty. February 17. KazTAG - The statement that the publication of information about the posts of Aisultan Nazarbayev, grandson of First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, will not remain unpunished, probably did not concern New York Times, said Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Public Development of Kazakhstan,
"The question concerns validity not only from the legal point of view but also from a moral point of view. It is worth looking at the things wider than other people try to show it. The questions of the spread of false information, the question of manipulation with people concern the issues indicated in the press-release," said Abayev answering the question of KazTAG how he is going "not to remain the publications unpunished".
He could not voice the article and normative-legal act for the punishment.
"We need to apply to specialists. I will answer your request if you justify it. It is necessary to look at the legal point of view. We will look at the legal point of view. I can give you the article later," he said.
"We will have to consider it. You understand that this issue did not concern exactly New York Times," he added.

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