Abayev is not author of draft law on peaceful meetings - Kozhaliyeva

Date: 09:22, 18-02-2020.

Almaty. February 18. KazTAG - Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Public Development, is not an author of the draft law on peaceful meetings, said Togzhan Kozhaliyeva, initiator of the creation of HAQ party.
"The draft law on p[peaceful meetings was discussed at the session involving Abayev, it looks like he is not the author of the draft law, he does not know this law, he simply reads what was written for him," she said.
She added that the minister could not answer a single question and the discussion failed.
"Abayev said the law is unfinished, it needs updates. He could not answer my question of how they will count how many people came to the meeting. He said, "Really, how will we count". He could not comment on the regulation about the ban of wearing clothes covering face at the meeting. If I wear glasses, a cap, a medical mask - will the meeting be prohibited? The question remained without an answer," she said.
She added the ministry should realize that the law must be directed not against people, but to help them perform their right for freedom of speech.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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