About 10 000 tourists will visit mountain resorts of South Kazakhstan region every season

Date: 15:45, 28-10-2014.

Shymkent. October 28. KazTAG – About 10 000 tourists will visit the mountain resort in South Kazakhstan region every season, said Perizat Konusbayeva, head of tourism department of South Kazakhstan region.
“About 10 000 tourists will visit the skiing resort in South Kazakhstan region. This project is unique as not only professional athletes but also the dwellers of the region may train at this base,” she said.
The lengths of the skiing track will make up 6 km. The ski base will work 8 months a year, in the summer time it will work as a recreation zone. According to the constructors a hotel with several swimming pools will be constructed in the Kaskasu gorge.
The infrastructure construction is underway. The cost of the project- 13 bln tenge. The authorities believe the resort will be repaid in 8 years.  The construction works will take approximately 4 years.

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