About 100 000 people took part in demonstrations against Islamic phobia in Germany

Date: 09:21, 13-01-2015.

Almaty. January 13. KazTAG - Mass actions in protection of freedom of belief and tolerance and against Islamic phobia and gaining popularity movement "European-patriots against Islamization of old world" took place in a number of cities in Germany- from Rostock in the north to Munich in the south, reports the TASS news agency.
The demonstrations gathered about 100 000 people. About 30 000 people joined the demonstration in Leipzig, about 20 000- in Bavaria, about 17 000 people in Hanover.
Diter Raiter, mayor of Munich, declared "they protest against any form of racism, anti-Semitism and ultra-right violence".
"We are standing here not to leave the place to those who are trying to split our society", he said.
The participants of the action paid tribute to the victims of terror acts in Paris.

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