About 20 flights delayed and about 15 canceled at the airports of Nur Sultan and Almaty

Date: 11:50, 10-12-2019.

Almaty. December 10. KazTAG - About 20 flights have been delayed and about 15 have been canceled at the airports of Nur Sultan and Almaty.
According to the online table of Nur-Sultan,  flights  from Almaty (Z9 2120 Bek Air) and from Urumqi (KC 288 Air Astana) have been  canceled; arrival has been delayed from Kostanay (IQ 368 Qazaq Air), from Omsk (KC 280 Air Astana), from Almaty (DV 713 Scat), from Ust-Kamenogorsk (DV 786 Scat), from Incheon (KC 210 Air Astana), from Guangzhou Baiyun (CZ 6013 China Southern Airlines), from Warsaw (LO 195 LOT Polish Airlines).
The flights for departure to Almaty (KC 672 Air Astana, KC 854 Air Astana and Z9 2101 Bek Air) have been canceled; the flights to Almaty (DV 714 Scat), to Urumqi (CZ 6014 China Southern Airlines), to Warsaw (LO 196 LOT Polish Airlines) have been delayed.
According to the Almaty airport’s online table, the following flights have been cancelled - from Nur Sultan (KC 856 Air Astana, KC 672 Air Astana, KC 854 Air Astana and Z9 2101 Bek Air) and from Urumqi (KC 988 Air Astana); arrival has been delayed from Kostanay (DV 730 Scat), from Ust-Kamenogorsk (DV 726 Scat, KC 302 Air Astana), from Nur Sultan (DV 714 Scat), from Kuala Lumpur (KC 936 Air Astana), from Dubai (KC 896 Air Astana), from St. Petersburg (KC 154 Air Astana).
Flights to Nur Sultan (KC 951 Air Astana, Z9 2120 Bek Air), to Urumqi (KC 987 Air Astana), to Kostanay (DV 729 Scat) have also been canceled; Flights to Nur Sultan (DV 713 Scat) and to Shymkent (DV 706 Scat) have been delayed.
“Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport is operating in a routine mode. The delays for departure are due to late arrival of flights from other cities," said the airport.
The flights from other cities to the capital have been delayed due to bad weather conditions.
In turn, the press service of the Almaty airport said that there are two reasons for the cancellation and delay of flights.
“The reasons for canceling flights practically do not change. The first reason is the late arrival. (...) The second reason is that not all crews and aircrafts are certified in category III B of ICAO. Meanwhile, the airport is certified in this high category. We can accept aircrafts with horizontal visibility to 75 m, and aircrafts can depart if the visibility falls to 125 m. Now horizontal visibility is 600 m, that is, technically the airport is completely ready: signaling equipment, all infrastructure is ready to work in difficult weather conditions. But the crews and the aircrafts must have the same category III B ICAO I don’t have such information, how many crews of which airlines has this category, ”said Natalya Sokolova, spokeswoman of the Almaty International Airport.

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