About 40 protestors against construction of Chinese plants came to akimat in Almaty

Date: 14:35, 04-09-2019.

Almaty. September 4. KazTAG - About 40 protestors of construction of the Chinese plants have come to the akimat in Almaty.
"The Government must discuss these plants construction with people but not to discuss it in the cabinets. Such things must be put up for referendums and discussed with people," said Olzhas Sakharabekov, participant of the protest action.
Other protestors expressed concern about the impact of plants on the ecology and claimed to release political prisoners.
Aidar Yesenbekov, deputy head of department of public development of Almaty, came to the protestors and invited them into the akimat to discuss the issue.
"We are ready to receive all the people who have gathered here. I invite to come in and discuss," he said.
The protestors refused to come into the akimat and claimed their representatives to come out to them.
Saparbek Tuyakbayev, deputy akim of Almaty, soon got out of the building.
"Out of those 55 projects mainly are the joint projects of Kazakhstan and China. Sometimes it happens that a Kazakhstani businessman holds 100% of shares but attracts the Chinese technologies, or it may be 50/50. The main question is not the state projects but private entrepreneurs," he said.
As for the impact on the ecology, he said, all the projects go through the state ecological expertise.
In his words, construction of only one private Kazakhstani-Chinese plant is planned in Almaty which will produce pipes and will employ 90% of Kazakhstani staff.
The protestors have drawn up a resolution and submitted it to the akimat.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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