About 945 000 repatriates arrived to Kazakhstan in years of independence

Date: 11:02, 20-05-2014.

Almaty. May 20. KazTAG - About 945000 ethnic Kazakhs have arrived to Kazakhstan since it gained its independence, said Salamat Amanbayev, chair of migration committee of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

"About 945 000 repatriates or more than 255 000 ethnic Kazakhs have arrived to Kazakhstan in twenty years from different states of the world," he said.

More than 72% ethnic Kazakhs have arrived from the CIS states (61.8% - from Uzbekistan, 7.4%- from Turkmenistan, 4%- from Russia), and 28%- from distant foreign states (12.2%- from Mongolia and 11.4% from China).

The main settlement regions have been : South-Kazakhstan region- 21.2%, Almaty region- 16%, Mangistau region- 12.9%, Zhambyl region-9.4%," he said.

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