Accession of Kazakhstan in EEU proposed to be discussed at the session of national coalition of democratic forces in May

Date: 03:10, 23-04-2014.

Astana. April 23. KazTAG - The session of national coalition of democratic forces of Kazakhstan proposed to conduct a session in May this year to consider necessity of accession of Kazakhstan in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), said Baurzhan Baibek, first deputy chair of "Nur Otan" party.

"From the side of the central office it was proposed to the President to conduct a session of the national coalition of democratic forces on this issue. Dariga Nazarbayeva (Vice Speaker of Majilis-KazTAG) says there is a vacuum in the society (concerning the accession in the EEU-KazTAG)," he said.

"We understand Dosym Satpayev (political scientist-KazTAG) and others , they have quite reasoned opinions, it might seem everyone is educated, has political will, but at the same time, the majority of people are unshod in terms of financial economic and legal issues," he added.

In his words, "we must understand what we can say to our people today".  "There are some issues that we cannot voice, but you know, opposition claims to raise this issue at the referendum. It is a dangerous tendency, today this issue to the referendum, tomorrow- another one," he said.

"There is a natural, legal, adopted tool- it is a national coalition of democratic forces," he said.

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