Activists in Almaty declared intention to hold republican referendum

Almaty. October 22. KazTAG - The activists in Almaty have declared intention to hold a republican referendum on changes in the law on elections and political parties.
"An assembly of the initiative group on the republican referendum will be held in Nur-Sultan on November 10," reads the message.
"The referendum will raise the questions of updates in the laws on elections and on political parties," said the statement.
"In order to involve the citizens of the state in the state governance, the citizens of Kazakhstan claim to hold the elections only after bringing the amendments in two Constitutional Laws "On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan" and in the law "On political parties" concerning introduction of the majority system of the election and reduction of the limit of the number of members of the party in the state registration," said the report.
Nurlan Iskaliyev, chairman of the main office on the referendum organization, said there are 25 people working in the main office.
"We have formed executive staff for organization of referendum, it includes 25 people, and mainly they represent the movement of independent observers and people who took part in the December rebellion in 1986. The top structures are acting under our silent consent. We can get united and oppose it. Our main task is to change these two laws.  If we change them, the political situation may change," he said.
In his words, the changes in the laws on elections and political parties will give a chance to the citizens of Kazakhstan of real choice of parties at the election.
"Now we have the only monopoly party, we need to create new parties; in this case there will be competition between them. This way people will elect the worthiest, those who will promote real programs for people," he said.
He added the initiators of the referendum are not calling people for protest actions and are going to act within the law.

Photo source: picture from an open source