Afghanistan President signs security agreement with the US

Date: 10:29, 02-12-2014.

Almaty. December 2. KazTAG - Ashraf Ghani Akhmadzai, President of Afghanistan, has signed a security agreement with the US and an agreement on status of NATO forces. He made the statement in the TV message to people on November 30.
"Afghanistan people and the international community are interested in turning Afghanistan into a prospering and peaceful state. For this reason we are not left alone with all the problems and threats," the TASS news agency cites Afghan leader.
"Now we can calmly discuss the future of our state with NATO Secretary General. With the agreement signing the situation has become clear and there is no more distrust," he said.
Since next year the limited contingent of military specialists amounting from 8000 to 13 000 people will stay in Afghanistan, the majority of them will be American soldiers and military men of the partner states. They will combat the Al Qayeda group and train, consult and assist the local security forces. However, last week the American mass media sources reported about a secret pact signed by the US President which will give a chance to Pentagon actively use the American military forces in Afghanistan.

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