Afghanistan will not become Iraq - Karzai

Date: 11:32, 18-06-2014.

Almaty. June 18. KazTAG - Afghan President Hamid Karzai does not believe the possibility of deterioration of the situation of Iraq in IRA, as well as denies the possibility of "Al Qaeda" group to return to the country, reports AfTAG. 
Karzai mentioned that he heds regular dialogues with "Taliban" group. Karzai also insists on a long international support for his country through to essensial problems with financing of the country. 
Meanwhile, UN experts in its latest report informs that branches of "Al Qaeda" from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and China regularly participate in attacks against Afghan forces and put "direct terrorist problem" facing Afghanistan, South and Central Asia and global community. 
According to them, troops "Al-Qaeda" are unlikely to withdraw from Afghanistan in the near future, as U.S. withdrawed most of its troops.

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