Akim of Almaty region criticized works on region gasification

Date: 13:57, 16-10-2014.

Almaty. October 16. KazTAG - Amandyk Batalov, akim of Almaty region, has criticized the program implementation on gasification of the region.
Out of 264 km of "Almaty-Taldykorgan" gasmain only 148 km have been constructed. This project will supply gas to 7 districts. Now you must start designing of discharge lines and storage stations for each settlement.
"It turned out they even haven't started preparation of the general scheme of the gasmain construction in the districts. Officials, executives of the project implementation cannot answer the simplest questions," reads the message.
During the session it was revealed that Sergey Salagayev, head of energy department and housing-communal complex, is not aware which villages are included in the gas supply project and how many villages will be supplied with natural gas. General director of "Zhetysu-Oblgas" Kanatbek Aldabergenov also failed to answer the questions of akim.

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