Akim of Mangistau region proposed to introduce moratorium for construction in coastal zone of Aktau

Date: 04:59, 28-04-2014.

Aktau. April 28. KazTAG - Alik Aidarbayev, akim of Mangistau region, proposed to introduce construction moratorium in the coastal zone of Aktau and pass the land into the state property.

"I think we should announce construction moratorium in the coastal zone. We have been negotiating concerning return of lands into the state property, but it does not mean, that we will pass it to another businessman. It will be in the property of the city and its residents," he said.

He added the city needs clear vision of further development of the coastal zone taking in account future demolition of buildings. In his words, existing buildings and entertainment complexes do not meet the architectural idea and built without taking in account the interests of the public.

He banned construction of a 4 storey hotel in the coastal zone which project was considered at the session of city planning council.

"It is a good project, but the planned location is in the walking zone. Thus, we won't let you build there," he said to the authors of the project.


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