Akimat of Medeu district of Almaty declared nigh club construction nearby children library cannot be stopped

Date: 08:04, 17-04-2014.

Almaty. April 17 KazTAG - Akimat of Medeu district of Almaty declared that it is impossible to stop night club construction opposite the children library after Begalin located down Tole bi street, said residents of the nearby houses.

"The construction works start early in the morning and last until late night, thus, they ruffle, the third floor overlooks the windows of our houses and covers sunlight. In addition it is an entertainment institution (a restaurant or a night club will be there as we knew from the builders), which is being constructed nearby the children library, children playgrounds and schools," said Klara Zhukenova, inhabitant of the district.

She added according to the part 8 article 163, sale of alcohol products in children institutions, educational organizations and nearby territories within a radius of 100 meters is banned.

However, the representatives of akimat advised the residents to apply to the court.

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