Akims and administrators of budget programs will answer in law for poor transfers results - Dosayev

Date: 07:33, 10-04-2014.

Astana. April 10. KazTAG - The draft law "On amendments into some legal acts on improvement of budget legislation" will introduce responsibility of akims and administrators of budget programs for absence of any results on the transfers, said Yerbolat Dosyayev, Minister of Economy and Budget Planning.

"Responsibility of akims, first head of administrations of budget programs will be introduced for inefficient use of transfers and budget funds development," he said.

The funds inside one budget program may be redistributed within 10% between the regions under coordination with the local executive bodies. Akims will be able to redistribute the funds between the local budget investment objects to not more than 10% inside one budget program.

The law stipulates a chance to amplify budget programs uniting them within the frameworks of the expenses programs.

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