Almaty tik-toker disappeared in Zhetysu mountains

Taldykorgan. June 8. KazTAG - Almaty tik-toker Damir Kusheyev disappeared in the mountains of Zhetysu, reports the official Internet resource of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
“The missing tik-toker is being searched in the mountains of the Zhetysu region. 36-year-old Almaty resident Damir Kusheyev disappeared in the mountains near the city of Tekeli. On June 7, a man rode a bicycle to the Burkhanbulak waterfall in the Korin Gorge and made his last broadcast at the dam, where the local huntsman treated him to tea. After the connection was broken, Kusheyev's wife turned to the Department of Emergency Situations for his search. The statement was also registered by the policemen of the Eskeldinskiy district, who joined the search activities,” said the statement.
The search is underway.

Photo source: picture from an open source