Almost 2000 American soldiers will stay in Afghanistan after 2014 for counter-terror operations

Date: 08:08, 05-06-2014.

Almaty. June 5. KazTAG - 1800 American soldiers will stay in Afghanistan after 2014 to conduct counter-terror operations, reports the Afghanistan Telegraph Agency (AfTAG).

"According to the American military officials, the US plan to leave 1800 soldiers to conduct counter-terror operations in Afghanistan after 2014," reads the message.

"It will happen on the background of the latest message of Obama's administration that approximately 9800 American soldiers and officers will remain in Afghanistan by the end of the year," reads the message.

The contingent of 8000 US soldiers will be in the structure of new training and consulting NATO mission. The allied states will provide 4000 soldiers to conduct their mission in Afghanistan after 2014.

Meanwhile, according to the agency, the American military officials declared the allied states may provide aid to anti-terror forces.

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