Almost 250 000 unregistered phone numbers disconnected in Kazakhstan

Date: 12:00, 25-10-2019.

Almaty. October 25. KazTAG -  Almost 250 000 subscribers of mobile operators who failed to register their phone numbers and IMEI-codes of their phones have been disconnected.
"In the beginning of the year all the mobile operators and the regulator notified their subscribers about registration of their phones and their phone numbers. These requirements are fixed in the law on communications, each subscriber must register the handset and the number. The regulator activated the database of IMEI-codes and all the subscribers who failed to pass the registration- about 1% of subscribers or 250 000 people - have been disconnected throughout Kazakhstan," said Olzhas Bibanov, spokesman of Kcell.
He reminded that the communication operators reminded that the registration is possible remotely and there is no need to enter the office for registration.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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