Almost 4000 turtles withdrawn from smugglers set free in Eastern Kazakhstan

Date: 03:09, 12-05-2014.

Ust-Kamenogorsk. May 12. KazTAG - Almost 4000 calves of steppe and middle Asian turtles withdrawn from smugglers have been set free in Ayagoz district in East Kazakhstan, reports nature department of East-Kazakhstan regional historical museum.

"Frontier guards detected carton boxes with smuggled 3730 turtle calves, they were taken to steppe locality and set free in Ayagoz district," said Sergey Starikov, scientific worker.

In his words smuggled turtles are withdrawn every year in Eastern Kazakhstan. Despite the reptiles are included into the international Red book they are hunted in order to be delivered in expensive restaurants of Russia. In the withdrawn consignment all the turtles were young 5-15 cm in diameter.

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