Almost 80 tourists from Shymkent removed from flight at Dubai Airport

Almaty. April 3. KazTAG - Almost 80 tourists from Shymkent have been removed from the flight at Dubai Airport, Otyrar reports.
“ Our compatriots found themselves in a state of "suspense" in a foreign country. According to Shymkent residents  almost 80 people, for unknown reasons, were removed from the flight," reads the message.
Zhandaulet Tleuberdiyev, resident of Symkent, who was stuck with his wife in Dubai, said that the citizens of Kazakhstan had been taken out from a plane 5-10 minutes before departure.
“We were supposed to fly to Shymkent from Dubai, boarded the plane, checked in, but the pilot announced to us 5-10 minutes before the flight that, allegedly, the Shymkent airport refuses to accept our plane. And they took us off the plane. Then we were kept for 6-7 hours at the airport. Moreover, the plane which we boarded was only half filled, ” said Tleuberdiyev.
According to him, some of the families that were taken off the flight were carrying babies and many had already run out of money to buy everything the babies needed.
“They were told - this is your problem. Adults were provided with hotels and food, but as for the children- they said come up with something," he added.
People are waiting for the flight back home, but according to Tleuberdiyev, tour operators do not plan to send them by a direct flight to Kazakhstan.
“We were told that they would send us to other countries that are closer - Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and then,  people should get their way,” said the man.
The representatives of the airline have not commented on the situation yet.

Photo source: picture from an open source