Almost a third of interrogated people in Kazakhstan believe coronavirus is not more dangerous than the flu

Date: 16:08, 20-03-2020.

Almaty. March 20. KazTAG - Almost a third of interrogated people in Kazakhstan believe that coronavirus is not more dangerous than the flu, indicated the express-poll of Demoscope bureau.
"27% of interrogated people believe that the danger is exaggerated while coronavirus is not more dangerous than the flu," reads the poll.
Half (48%) of responders consider COVID-19 as a serious danger for their life and economy of the state. 19% believe the panic was provoked by some states and transnational companies which are interested in it, while 1% of people do not care about the virus.
Two-thirds of the respondents said the pandemic had no or little effect: they only bought extra food and essential goods.
“One of the key indicators of public opinion is the assessment of the authorities' readiness to coronavirus outbreak in Kazakhstan. In this matter, the opinions of citizens were divided into approximately three equal shares. The survey results showed that 35% consider the level of preparedness as average. The Government does not have all the necessary administrative and medical capabilities for timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Another third of respondents assess the level of readiness of the authorities as “high”. They believe that the healthcare system is ready to deal with the epidemic. 26% do not rely on the Government, in their opinion, the authorities are not ready for the pandemic. Everyone needs to take preventive measures individually," reads the poll.
More than a third of respondents (36%) encourage introduction of a temporary regime of social security for the population, especially for the elderly: suspension of payment of loans, partial payment of utility bills, regulation of prices for personal protection and medicines.
The survey was conducted from March 14 to March 18, 2020, 1.1 thousand people were interviewed in 14 regions and cities of the republican significance.

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