Almost two thousand adults vaccinated against measles to prevent outbreaks in Almaty

Date: 03:08, 14-05-2014.

Almaty. May 14. KazTAG - Almost two thousand adults and adolescents have been vaccinated against measles to prevent an outbreak in Almaty , said Olga Asayeva, head of epidemiological surveillance of the city department of state sanitary surveillance.

 "Measles cases have been registered, we are doing everything to stop it, and prevent outbreak.  396 students, 769 high school students, 87 medical workers have been vaccinated. Almost 600 people who were in contact with sick people have been vaccinated. All these activities will go on in the future, " she said.

She noted that measles cases have been recorded in Almaty among the adult population who had no vaccination and had contacts with sick people.



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