Amirova dismissed from post of deputy head of civil aviation committee

Date: 11:01, 12-06-2019.

Astana. June 12. KazTAG - Toty Amirova has been dismissed from the post of deputy chairfigure of the civil aviation committee (CAC) of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development and connects it with creation of the aviation administration of Kazakhstan.
“I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad, but I have received an order on dismissal signed by acting chairman of CAC Alzhanov (son of deputy Karaken K.A). I did not file an application, I had no reprimands, but by the order of minister Sklyar (Roman-KazTAG), deputy minister Kamaliyev (Berik-KazTAG) and CAC chairman Lastayev (Talgat-KazTAG) several employees of the ministry organized "year 37" and in my absence put down a flight delay by 25 minutes on me, which allegedly occurred eight months ago on the base of the record of unknown voice on the Internet," Amirova wrote in her page in the social networks.
She declared possible reason for her dismissal.
"This lawlessness was organized for the reason that we created a new structure "Aviation administration of Kazakhstan" where only aviation professionals must work. Now people aspire there for good salary, they are not aviation experts from poultry farms and other branches; they are comfortable for the management and will sign everything that will be required. I can say that I worked honestly, I did not allow stealing state property and I have clean conscience," she said.

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