ANMR head Ospanov received bribe by installments to $100 000 and $200 000 - Financial Police

Date: 07:02, 10-07-2014.

Astana. July 10. KazTAG - Murat Ospanov, ex head of the Agency on Natural Monopolies Regulation (ANMR) received a bribe in two installments to $100 000 and $200 000, reports the agency for combating economic and corruption criminality.

"The investigation revealed that Ospanov received the first part of the bribe to $100 thousand in early June 2014. Thus, he has been charged taking a bribe to $300 000," reads the reply of financial police to KazTAG request.

The financial police had reported that M.Ospanov was detained on July 1 2014on suspicion of getting $200 000 bribe. A criminal case was opened against him.

Then followed a message of financial police accusing Ospanov of getting $300 000 bribe for supporting and patronizing a natural monopolies subject.

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