Approximately 1 bn tenge of budget funds planned to be saved through optimization of Defense Ministry budget

Astana. March 11. KazTAG - Approximately 1 bn tenge of budget funds are planned to be saved through optimization of the budget of Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan.
"For optimization of the functions and improvement of effectiveness of the system it is planned to form a compact structure of the management in the ministry. It will save up to 1 bn tenge funds and stimulate efficient operation, create conditions of expansion of activity," reads the message.
According to the Ministry, a complex two stage functional analysis of the activity of the armed forces has been initiated.
"The first stage has been completed, it showed that the current system of armed forces management has big potentials for improvement. The analysis covered the activity of the ministry of defense, general headquarters and main departments of the armed forces of Kazakhstan. The activity of 50 departments has been analyzed where 1500 people work," said the Ministry.
The analysis has revealed a number of duplicating, non relevant, as well as unrecorded, but in-demand functions in the structural units of the ministry.
“In the central office of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan, an uneven ratio of the number of managers to executives has been revealed, and in order to approximate this ratio to international standards, which are 1:10, it is planned to reach a 1: 7 controllability indicator. This, first of all, will allow to increase the speed of decision-making and their implementation, ” said the ministry.

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